Utilizing World-Class Workmanship To Attain Highest Product Standards

Utilizing World-Class Raw-Materials To Attain Highest Product Standards:

We believe that quality is the foremost requirement that a customer looks for in a garment and any amount of styling or brand building cannot replace the requirement of a quality product. We understand that quality has to be intrinsic to the product and process involved Thus, the ultimate end user expectations have always been regarded as vital in our commercial decision-making process.

With us, you can trust the assurance of quality and the consistency of that quality in our products. Our teams manage the production and supply of products at every stage. This way, we keep the highest possible standards in our jackets, coats, sweatshirts and other products.

We have experts who handpick and obtain the finest yarns, fibres as well as sewing threads from different parts of the world. We leave no doors closed to find the finest zippers and other accessories to produce stylish and reliable clothing products.

Our company believes that the quality and style of jackets and coats depend on the basic materials utilized for production. These basic materials include:

Sewing threads





Ensuring the quality of these basic materials gives us the confidence to produce the highest standards of products. As a result, our workmanship turns into customer satisfaction with the jackets and coats we provide.

Fabrics & yarns

Our experts choose the finest fabrics and yarns from all over the world. The protective quality, wind resistance, insulation, weight, and all other factors are evaluated before choosing those fabrics and yarns.

Sewing Threads

We give immense importance to the strength of our sewing threads. This enables the much-needed durability in every jacket or coat we produce. The threads are acquired from the best possible destinations.


We make sure that the zippers have world-class quality and appeal. Our jackets and coats contain top- quality zippers to enhance the look and ensure complete insulation against snow and wind in winter.


We make stylish patterns and designs with the help of interesting accessories. Along with the appeal of t he accessories, our experts also take care of the durability of those accessories as well..

At Lure Urban, we believe that product quality can’t be guesswork. We aim for consistent quality by ensuring that only the finest raw materials are utilized in the production. That’s how quality becomes the pride of our workmanship.

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