World Class Workmanship

Quality Assurance with Multilevel Testing!

We see to it that the result of the manufacturing process is a high-quality, reliable finished product. Our manufacturing process is made up of planned and systematic operations which are put in place to produce a product that successfully satisfies requirements of our customers. We select materials, design, cut, stitch and enhance the value of every piece before it goes out of our manufacturing station.

      Multiple check-points are identified at different stages of production. It all begins with a raw material check-up, which then leads to sampling and prototype testing. The final products are also evaluated to confirm their safety, durability, and appeal. Each step is handled by our trusted and experienced professionals who use the emerging technologies and reliable techniques to attain our pre-defined quality standards. Maintaining a clear process of quality control is the reason we are able to deliver the same prime-quality every single time. It is due to our proven methodologies that we are considered a leading manufacturer of fashion clothing in India.

      We have divided our quality management system into four CCPs or Critical Control Points:

      • Raw Material Check
      • Prototype Testing
      • In-line Inspection
      • Final Inspection

      Raw materials check

      Each and every raw material goes through a complete inspection process. Our experts ensure the good condition of raw materials. They also check the standards of the fabric with the quality that we are known for. The correct fabric type, cleanliness, colour, width, fibre content, and weight are analysed at this stage.

      Prototype testing

      A prototype is developed by our production experts for an evaluation. The making details and design patterns are considered at this stage of product inspection. The prototype testing highlights any sewing and cutting problems along with any design defects. Then, the experts resolve the issues before moving on.

      Inline Inspection

      Experts select samples from every batch and inspect them in terms of our standard manufacturing specifications. Any detected faults are handled with care and the whole line of production gets inspected. No product leaves the production centre without getting 100% quality assurance from our production managers. A team of experts handles the fabric cutting station. Our advanced machinery is programmed to operate with precision. This way, we ensure precision in every batch of size. The experts manage the machinery programming for every size and check the cut pieces.

      To empower the fabric quality, we utilize high-standard threads for stitching. Our staff operates in the guidance of expert engineers. The specialized machinery takes care of the strength and precision of stitching. Even then we check each batch before moving it to the next step.

      Final Inspection

      After the stitching phase, a batch reaches the hands of experienced fabric craftsmen. Each item goes through a finishing touch and testing process. We utilize this process to ensure that every item justifies the quality we promise to our customers and retailers.

      Finally, the products reach the packing station where our team utilizes helpful machinery to easily manage the packaging process. We take care of the safety of the clothing items with reliable packing procedure. Then, the packaged items go to the distribution network.

      Lure Urban operates with specialized machinery and expert engineers to manufacture quality products. Our excellent manufacturing approach includes every step necessary to ensure smoothness and quality.

      Feel free to call to ask more questions regarding our production quality and inspection process. We are transparent about our quality!

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