Suppliers of Men’s and Woman Wear for Retailers

When it comes to manufacturing fashion clothing, Lure Urban is a leading name in India. Our massive production capacity and 100% quality assurance make us a reliable supplier for fashion retailers. Our winter fashion collection is supplied across the nation to every retailer who desires true monetary value and product quality.

Our fashion clothing products and winter collections stay in demand all over the country. This allows retailers to attain profits with the regular availability of our clothing. For all our retailers, we offer our own branded products with more than 500+ style options. Our capacity to supply is something you can always trust. We deliver quality products to help you secure a customer base.

All varieties of products you need

Lure Urban is manufacturing and distributing a diverse clothing collection. Our products include lightweight coats, vest, parka, leather, cargo, tweed, knitted and other kinds of jackets. This variety makes us a perfect partner for retailers across India.

Supplying On time to retailers

We understand the high retail space cost and thus believe in right product with right quality at right time to facilitate sales.

Consistent availability of products

Repeats order from retailer are taken care on time and properly. We give you consistent product availability, no matter how big your order is.

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